90% of the gay community plan to sell a kidney to afford this year’s cheaper Manchester Pride Weekend ticket.

As confirmed earlier this year, the price of a Manchester Pride Weekend ticket has dropped from £30 to £70, making the event more accessible than ever, according to event organisers.

However, anyone with a working calculator have found that £70 is most certainly more than £30, and with the added cost of drinks, travel and accommodation to consider, 90% of the gay community have had to sell a kidney to afford it this year.

It pays to be proud

Event organisers have dismissed claims that they are pricing out many of the gay community with outrageous ticket prices, with a spokesperson claiming earlier, “If our community is as proud as they like to make out they won’t begrudge dodging their rent or skipping a few meals to afford this year’s ticket. It’s all about budgeting and quite frankly, we’re sick of them bloody moaning. We have spent upwards of 4 hours booking mediocre acts for this year’s big event, where is the gratitude?”

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