Altrincham animal rights protesters fury at cruelty of dragons in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Altrincham animal rights group, Shoes Don’t Count, have launched a scathing attack on the producers of Game of Thrones for their cruelty to dragons whilst filming the HBO juggernaut. 

*Spoiler alert. If you read past this very clear message and even remotely consider bitching about the contents, Bran Stark will warg into your family pet and kill you in your sleep*

Dragons have feelings too

The killing of mythical creatures is causing somewhat of a storm in Altrincham following the news that animal rights group, Shoes Don’t Count, is set to launch a law suit against the creators of Game of Thrones.

A spokesperson for the group had this to say whilst foaming at the mouth, “For nine years we have witnessed cruelty in Westeros the likes of which have never been seen. It is bad enough to have to sit back and watch whilst Jon Snow and thousands of others casually flaunt fur coats in the face of the law, but to inflict so much pain on innocent dragons is a step too far. We’ve had to watch in horror whilst we see them chained, forced to perform publicly against their will with riders who have no concern for their well-being, and now two of them have been mercilessly killed by man made weapons.

“They show so little respect for the magnificent beasts that they even allowed one to be resurrected from the dead by the Night King, only to kill it again. We cannot sit back and allow this to happen any longer. HBO need to take responsibility and end this cruelty. Dragons have just as much right to live in peace as humans”.

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  1. In light of this, obviously true, report of dragonal cruelty, I’m starting a new group: HETIA – Humans for the Ethical Treatment of Imaginary Animals.

    To defer overhead costs, there will be a nominal membership fee of 35.00 Wakandan Dollars, payable in BilkCoins.

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