After robbing people blind for months, Altrincham store falls victim to a revenge ram raid

Ram raid

Police were called to a ram raid at Flannels on George street Altrincham, in what is suspected to be a revenge attack following months of robbing its customers blind.

Flannels in Altrincham was the victim of a ram raid in the early hours of Saturday morning, following months of ripping off Altrincham shoppers with overpriced goods.

Dodgy Dave set to cash in during closure

Dodgy Dave’s Deals of Wythenshawe is set to cash in on the influx of weekend millionaires who have no designer ponce fest to frequent whilst Flannels makes vital repairs to the front of their premises.

Dave said, “For months since opening Flannels has been robbing people blind with their over-inflated prices, it was only a matter of time before someone decided to hit back. I want to reassure everyone that Dodgy Dave’s Deals is open for business as usual, selling the usual designer shite at much lower prices due to our continued partnership with our friends down on Bury New Road”.

Police have urged the public to deliver a slap across the mush to anyone spotted wearing an over the top shiny Armani puffer jacket with matching cap and man bag.

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