Altrincham woman selling miracle diet potion that can make you millions still fat and skint

miracle diet potion scams

A lady from Altrincham who claimed she could make everyone thin and rich by using and selling her miracle diet potion has been found to be still fat and skint.

Gaynor Pound, a mother of three from Altrincham, bought a multi-million pound business in a box 5 years ago, confidently claiming she was a Girl Boss who would be retired in Monaco by 30.

However, sources close to Gaynor have revealed she’s still fat sat at home skint on the bones of her arse, with a group of angry friends she ripped off waiting for a chance to kick her in the muff.

Miracle diet potion a load of bollocks

Local behavioural expert, Dr Yucanna Blagmee, has urged caution if you are approached by anybody claiming they can make you rich and thin, “Multi Level Marketing is utter bollocks and you shouldn’t believe a few pieces of extortionate shit in a box are going to make you either rich or thin.

“I mean come on, look at the heifer trying to sell it to you. When she doesn’t look like a head glancing over a giant pile of washing come at me.”

Mike Oxlong

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