America not a racist country, says extremely racist US President

An image to depict the US President making a speech

Very racist US President, Donald Trump, has vehemently denied that the United States of America is racist in any way at all.

US President and all round gob shite, Donald Trump, has claimed the United States of America is the least racist country he has ever seen.

In an angry and slightly condescending speech earlier he claimed,  “I stand before you here, President of the United States of America, Imperial Wizard, Mother of all Fuckers, King of the Oompa Loompas, Lord of the G7, and I can tell you categorically, the United States of America is the least racist country I have ever seen in my whole life”.

“Many, many great people – far greater people than you could ever know – like, the greatest people of all time, have told me it’s true. Anyone calling the United States a racist country is just a loser spreading fake news”, he cried to an audience screaming ‘send her back’.

President claims he is not racist at all

When asked what he thought about worldwide opinion that he was very much indeed racist, he snapped, “Listen little brown reporter man, the fact I believe that ethnic minorities shouldn’t have the same privilege and rights as white people does not make me a racist. You should look racist up, you really should, you have no idea what it means, none”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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