Boots end 3-for-2 offer, removing shit present option for the family member you hate

Boots end 3-for-2 offer

Boots have ended their famous 3-for-2 deal before Christmas shopping really starts to ramp up, meaning you are going to have to spend more on the cunt in the family you hate.

Retail giant, Boots, have ended their famous 3-for-2 Christmas deal, causing outrage amongst the general pubic who rely on the offer for festive bargains.

The Christmas deal has long been the go-to place to pick up cheap presents requiring minimal effort or consideration for the dick in your family you can’t bear to be near for prolonged periods of time.

Boots fucking it up for everyone this Christmas

One angry shopper we spoke to didn’t hold back, “I am fucking outraged at this news, I really am. Boots have got no idea how many knobheads there are in my family that I’m obliged to buy a gift for.

“The 3-for-2 Christmas offer was the only thing that made parting with my hard earned cash for the twats bearable.

“Now I’m going to have to actually think about what I get them whilst spending much more, instead of simply giving them them the shit one from the three items. Thanks a fucking lot Boots!”

Mike Oxlong

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