Boris Johnson warns all gingers will be sent back to Scotland should they break from the UK post Brexit

Boris Johnson bans gingers from UK

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has warned all gingers will be sent back to Scotland if a breakaway from the UK post Brexit were to pass.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has sent a firm warning to Nicola Sturgeon should she press on with forcing through Scottish independence post Brexit, claiming all gingers will be sent back to Scotland with no exceptions.

He insists an in-depth study has revealed groundbreaking data which proves he can legally remove all gingers from the UK and pack them off north.

Prime Minister playing hardball

When pressed on the likelihood of Scotland leaving the UK post Brexit the PM barked,

“Should Jimmy Krankie have any notions of leading Scotland away from the union I will be left with no choice but to remove all gingers from the UK permanently, with any newborn ginger babies relocated with their parents at 6 weeks.

“We have completed the biggest study into gingers the world has ever seen, and the results have been astounding. We have found that every ginger in the world can trace their roots back to Scotland, and should Scottish independence become a reality, they’ll be taking the sun dodging reprobates back. Every last bloody one of them, mark my words”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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