Altrincham man seeking sponsorship for Can’t Remember November

Can't Remember November

A man from Altrincham is appealing for the people of Trafford to dig deep to support his Can’t Remember November fundraiser.

Ste Min, who is currently taking part in Sober October, has caught the fundraising bug and intends to take his money raising mission to new levels.

After using no more than four golden tickets to get smashed during his 28 days of sobriety, Ste is stepping up his heroic efforts by putting his body on the line by completing a gruelling Can’t Remember November.

30 day sesh something special

A self proclaimed seshpert, Ste knows the path he intends to take will be perilous, but he remains undeterred and intends to give his all to the ultimate 30 day bender.

He said, “I can’t wait to get started. I’ve just done a full 28 days sober where I’ve only got twatted on four occasions. It’s been tough saying no to all my mates, but the health benefits have been phenomenal – I feel mint.

“However, when the chance came along to raise even more money for worthy causes I couldn’t turn it down. A 30 day sesh is something special and only a few are capable of making it out alive.

“No more than 85% of proceeds will go up my nose, so please, please dig deep.

“I’m getting on my donkey and heading to Seshlehem lads, AV IT!”


Mike Oxlong

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