Cher accused of mis-selling as only 14% of original Cher expected to perform on UK arena tour

UK arena tour

Cher has faced an angry backlash from fans for mis-selling as only 14% of her original body is expected to be present when she hits the stage to take on her UK arena tour in 2019.

Cher has long been known for her powers of transformation, however it has left a sour taste in the mouths of her adoring fans when earlier today it was revealed that after years of extensive plastic surgery operations there is only 14.2% of the original Cher left.

Sporting a completely different head from the one she started life with, it has come as somewhat of a surprise to the multi award winning mega star that the UK general public are so shocked and outraged that she may not be making it in her complete original form.

A source close to Cher said, “Bitch be having operations since she was two. Ya’ll crazy?”

The Cher UK arena tour goes ahead regardless, for Manchester dates click here!

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