Broomwood Estate to be the first to hold new annual Dancing on Spice competition

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The Broomwood Estate in Timperley has beaten off fierce competition from Stretford and Old Trafford to be named the town chosen to hold the inaugural Dancing on Spice competition.

Following a rise in shithead related incidents, the Broomwood Estate streaked ahead of its rivals when it appeared all hope of claiming the monumental prize was lost.

With Stretford and Old Trafford consistently providing a steady stream of anti-social fuckwits for decades, it came as somewhat of a surprise to Timperley councillors when the results were announced.

Timperley councillor Delia Auferhead was jubilant when revealing the news earlier, “To know that ignoring continuous complaints from decent people on the estate has helped to move them on elsewhere whilst moving incredible numbers of utter twat-fests in is a huge pat on the back for us. The Broomwood could never have imagined it would be chosen to hold such a prestigious event as Dancing on Spice twenty years ago before we started to encourage total fuckery on the streets. I for one cannot wait to see the residents absolutely off their cake in the biggest Spice off ever witnessed.”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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7 thoughts on “Broomwood Estate to be the first to hold new annual Dancing on Spice competition

  1. This is great news for the local businesses and will hopefully generate extra income for all the young entrepreneurs expanding there local night time pharmacy rounds

  2. Nice to see Timperley has caught up with likes of Partington, my former home town, Stretford and Sale North in the smackhead stakes. There is hope for Alti and Bowden yet.

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