Trafford psychiatrist confirms people who announce Facebook culls twice as likely to be paedophiles

An image to depict Facebook culls and paedophiles

Respected Altrincham psychiatrist, Dr Phil Engud, was left shocked when the results of his 10 year study into people who announce friend culls on Facebook revealed the attention seeking minge lips were twice as likely to be paedophiles.

A 10 year study by world renowned psychiatrist, Dr Phil Engud, revealed extraordinary results, with the good Dr confirming this week that beggy turd stains announcing friend culls left, right and centre all over Facebook are twice as likely to touch your children where they wee and throw one up their Derek.

Report the unnatural buggers to the police immediately

Police have urged any Facebook friend culling to be reported immediately so the offender can be arrested and placed on the Sex Offenders Register as swiftly as possible.

With Scotland Yard under pressure after allowing 100s of rampant paedophiles to get away with rogering children for years right under their noses, nothing will be left to chance in the war against the culling, child molesting freaks.

Cull off you narcissistic bag of spikes

Further tests revealed 10-in-10 cull survivors wished they hadn’t survived, and had forgotten the disgraceful little troll even existed until the famous “If you’re reading this you survived” wet fart of a post popped up to make their eyes itch and skin crawl in equal measure.

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