Five Wythenshawe men released following Altrincham drugs bust, as only 0.001% of cocaine traced

Wythenshawe sells shit drugs

Greater Manchester Police have been forced to release five men from Wythenshawe, who had earlier been arrested on suspicion of supplying a class A drug, when later tests revealed it contained less than 0.001% of cocaine.

A drugs bust just outside Altrincham town centre descended into farce last night, as five men from Wythenshawe were later released on a technicality, when tests revealed their coke was absolute shite.

Wythenshawe notorious for shit coke

Police are said to be flabbergasted that anyone is still even buying coke from Wythenshawe, when it has been proven to be total gash for years.

An officer present at the scene when the arrests were made said, “These cheeky bastards have no business calling themselves drug dealers, they are an insult to the trade. We were fuckin’ pissing ourselves down at the station when it became apparent that there was more cocaine in my mother-in-law than their grams.

“Altrincham’s weekend millionaires are high off talc and nowt else.  Naturally we have plastered their photo all over social media so people know not to bother and save their money in future. You can get that shit for a quid in Tesco!“.

Taylor Tompkinson

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