Gritty determination more important than gritty roads insist Trafford Council

Trafford snow

Furious locals and commuters to Altrincham reported that snowmageddon added an average of 3 hours to their usual travelling schedule.

Trafford Council insist the traffic chaos caused by yesterday’s snowmageddon proved that a gritty determination not to lose wages meant that gritting roads was completely unnecessary.

Gritting lies

Despite previous claims that all Trafford roads were gritted, the council have now admitted that the fear of losing wages and spending a day trapped with the family was so strong, it was decided that a few quid could be saved on sending the gritters out.

One commuter claimed the roads and pathways were “as slippy as a politician trying to divert attention away from his salary and expenses”.

A spokesman for the council said, “It was a couple of inches of snow for fuck sake, it is gritty determination this borough needs, not gritty roads. Stop being so soft you big wet blankets, I’m sure you’ll all live. Hopefully it will have completely melted by weekend, justifying our decision not to waste money on public safety”.

1 thought on “Gritty determination more important than gritty roads insist Trafford Council

  1. It was pure luck know one was killed or seriously injured yesterday. I couldn’t under stand why the gritters wasn’t out everyone I spoke to haven’t even seen a gritter truck once yesterday. I crash as I was unable to keep my vehicle from slidding away from me lad on the floor hooping the car behind are going to stop and not run over the top off me. But that’s ok Trafford council save articulated truck just missed a building yesterday and location is normally busy with the kids going to school near by. Not worth thinking about what could have happened. Who ever made the decision not grit the road need to be fire because they clearly have no regard off public.

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