Hale mum distraught to find Facebook friends don’t care what type of cheese she is

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A mum from Hale has been left in a state of shock following revelations that not a single one of her Facebook friends care what type of cheese she is.

Hale mum of four, Eva Toffington, has been left shocked and depressed following revelations that nobody on her Facebook friends list gives a flying fuck what cheese she is.

What started out as a valiant effort to update her friends that she is brie, ended in heartache and misery when nobody reacted or commented on her post.

Nobody cares

Following a frantic wait to see if anybody would respond to the mind shattering information, Mrs Toffington exploded into a fit of rage, leaving a mildly cryptic clue as to what her outrage was actually all about in a veiled and annoyingly vague Facebook update 6 hours later.

When we asked for a comment she had plenty to say.

“Surely being brie proves I’m a bit further up the social ladder than most. I mean for God’s sake, it’s a cause for celebration. I could deal with being shunned if I was common as cheddar, but I’m not, I’m brie, people lack respect these days. It’s really affecting my mental health all this. I’ll be announcing a Facebook cull shortly, let’s see if you survive you inconsiderate cretins”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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