Jeremy Kyle back with ageing Face App which reveals who da baby father when used on children

Jeremy Kyle is back, and this time he’s taking social media with his new Face App with ageing feature which can easily reveal who da baby father is when using it on your children.

Jezza is back, and this time he won’t be undone by a dodgy lie detector test as he launches his brand new Face App which comes with an ageing feature that can reveal who da baby father is 100% accurately.

Get ready for the Jeremy Kyle comeback

Following the public backlash that lead to his untimely downfall, the sanctimonious, smug faced son of Satan is back to reap revenge on the people who almost destroyed him.

“It’s going to be glorious” he gloats as he strokes with one of his horns, “just think, anybody can get a quick photo of your kids and put it through my app to 100% reveal who the father of your child is. Spread the word, for I have risen, and this time I’m going nowhere”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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