Kid kills 6 pensioners dressed as gas bill for Halloween trick or treat

Halloween trick or treat kid's costumes

Six pensioners are reported to have lost their lives this evening, as a 10 year old child from Timperley went out to trick or treat with his friends dressed as a gas bill.

A 10 year old child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been detained in custody tonight following a spate of elderly fatalities resulting from a trick or treat costume gone wrong.

Police are yet to name the victims, but they are all thought to be over 70 and residing in Timperley. All six victims died of heart failure when they opened the door and saw the 4ft gas bill.

Eyewitnesses speak of Halloween terror

A neighbour of one of the deceased spoke of her own horror and near death experience. She said, “I opened the door and there was this gas bill with late stamped across it. From what I could make out it was around £10,000.

“Thankfully I only shit myself, it could have been much worse like it was for my lovely neighbours .

“I get that Halloween is supposed to be a bit spooky and scary, but parents really need to think about what costumes they let their kids dress in before knocking on the doors of the elderly. A gas bill was sure to finish somebody off.”

Mike Oxlong

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