Lost Venezuelan dog found safe in Chorlton following mum’s Facebook share

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A lost dog from Venezuela has been found safe and sound in Chorlton following a heroic Facebook share by a local mum.

Local mum, Galdys Foundyer, 57, has been praised for her heroic Facebook share that located a lost dog from Venezuela in Chorlton.

Gladys, who is set to receive an MBE from the Queen for services to lost pets, claims it is all in a days work, declaring, “I make it my business to share the shit out of any old crap”.

Dog says life has been woof

The dog, named earlier as Carlos Arturo Michelena, found his way to the UK when curiosity lead him to accidentally stowaway on a flight to Manchester Airport.

After finding a comfy spot to take a quick kip, Carlos woke 14 hours later to find baggage handler, Steve Arrkid, dragging his bed from underneath him.

“I was shocked to say the least”, Pedro said with the aid of a translator. “In the wag of a tail life was complete chaos, moving from one town to the other hoping I’d find my way back home to Venezuela. I’ve been living on the streets for three years now and, unable to speak the lingo, I couldn’t tell anyone I was lost. Life has been pretty woof, I won’t lie. When I was finally spotted yesterday I cried tears of joy, I can’t thank Gladys enough”.

Not all heroes wear capes

Gladys feels she has proven critics wrong, “People often poke fun at me for sharing the fuck out of owt. I say, well, look at what has been done here. I’ve united a Venezuelan dog with it’s owners, what have you done today? I make it my business to share the shit out of any old crap and will continue to do so!”

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