Man who completes every wild statement with ‘FACT’, shocked to discover he isn’t always correct

A man who always says fact

A man who has dedicated his life to disagreeing with everything on Facebook, has been shocked to discover he isn’t always 100% correct, despite finishing every wild statement with ‘FACT’.

Amin Khurect, a fuckin-know-it-all from Timperley, was left astonished when it was revealed to him that completing every wild statement with ‘FACT’, did not guarantee he was indeed correct.

Smart arse had no idea

For years, Amin Khurect has shamelessly flaunted the word fact in the blind naivety it gave him ultimate power and knowledge.

However, when friends and family finally plucked up the courage to tell him what a cock wombling, spunk trumpet he’d been since the rise of social media, he decided to take a long hard look at himself.

“I couldn’t believe it”, he said. “I had no idea what a complete and utter twat I’d become. I honestly thought if you said fact at the end of every sentence it just sort of meant that you were always right, know what I mean? I feel like a bit of dick now it I’m honest”.


Taylor Tompkinson

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