Manchester chosen to hold inaugural Miss Compo Face Awards with MEN to decide finalists

Compo Face

Manchester has been chosen to hold the inaugural Miss Compo Face UK Awards with the Manchester Evening News to decide the finalists from their extensive data base of clients.

Following sterling work from our colleagues at the Manchester Evening News, Manchester has been chosen to hold the inaugural Miss Compo Face Awards.

The MEN has left no stone unturned in the hunt for barely newsworthy stories concerning attention seeking fucktards chasing compo for varied and ludicrous reasons, and they are to be given the honour of choosing this year’s finalists from their extensive data base.

UK has some of the best Compo Face talent in the world

The awards will celebrate some of the best compo face in the land, with the UK considered to be one of the most densely populated Compo Face countries in the world.

The finalists will compete in five individual Best Compo Face categories:

  • The school are picking on my kid I’m not a shit parent, honest
  • Sacked but totally not my fault
  • Incredibly offended vegan
  • The customer service I received has nothing to do with me being a twat
  • I live off microwave dinners but think I’m Gordon Ramsay at a restaurant

The award ceremony will end with the ultimate prize, with the winner crowned Miss Compo Face UK.

Our money is on the woman with the dodgy eyebrows who took her son out of school as he missed lunch taking a massive dump which went on longer than expected.

Mike Oxlong

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