Metrolink to replace signal box at Navigation Road with lollipop lady

Navigation Road lollipop lady

Metrolink bosses are to replace the signal box at Navigation Road tram station with a local lollipop lady, after inflicting years of misery on passengers with a series of faults.

Metrolink bosses have finally caved in to requests to find a solution to the signal box failures which have caused travel misery for frantic passengers, announcing the appointment of experienced local lollipop lady, Anya Walkden.

Lollipop lady felt it was her duty

Mrs Walkden, a veteran in  the lollipop lady industry, said she couldn’t turn down the cry for help.

“I couldn’t sit back any longer and watch those poor bastards getting the piss taken out of them daily when they are just trying to earn a living. You could set your watch to that bag of shite, the minute rush hour is in full swing at 8:30 you can guarantee it’ll breakdown, leaving everybody stranded either side of Navigation Road.

“I felt it was my duty to look after the kids back in the day, and I feel the same about this. Somebody has to stand up”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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1 thought on “Metrolink to replace signal box at Navigation Road with lollipop lady

  1. It’s the stupid person in the box that leaves the barriers down when there are no trams or trains coming, he needs sacking

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