Old Trafford mum flummoxed as to where the time has gone

An image to depict a confused Old Trafford mum

A mother of four from Old Trafford has been left perplexed at the site of her children growing, claiming she has no idea where the time has gone.

Old Trafford mum of four, Asiah Babae, has been left confused and frantic as she struggles to put her finger on exactly where the bloody time has gone.

Gripped in a mind grating routine of asking the annoyingly obvious question continually at the end of every child related social media post, she now wants people to come forward and help her uncover one of life’s biggest mysteries.

Someone must know where the time has gone

Asiah refuses to abandon her quest to find where the time has gone and has come up with a cunning plan, “I’m setting up a Go Fund me page. With the right funding I can finally dedicate enough time to fulfilling my mission to find where the time has gone. Although, I’ve always suspected someone out there must know. I mean seriously, where does it go? If you know, please come forward”.

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