9-in-10 Altrincham residents say town parking of no importance, according to new Trafford council survey

Trafford Council parking problem

A Trafford Council survey has revealed that nine in 10 Altrincham residents say a shameful lack of parking facilities is of no importance to them whatsoever.

The results of a Trafford Council survey released today have a caused a quite a stir in South Manchester, when it revealed that barely anybody in Altrincham cares about the inadequate parking facilities at all.

Despite numerous pleas on social media from locals crying out for more parking, the council rejects any notion of unrest, claiming their survey speaks volumes to the contrary.

Trafford Council claim survey speaks for itself

We approached Trafford Council and a spokesman had this to say, “We have conducted a thorough and extensive survey of 10 people, nine of which only wanted to discuss green bin related issues.

“Out of the huge group of people we spoke to, only one had any complaints regarding parking. I think the results speak for themselves. We urge local residents to consider public transport, which arrives in the town upwards of twice per day. This whole parking fiasco has been blown way out of proportion and is just a figment of everyone’s imagination “.

Taylor Tompkinson

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