People posing at graves of loved ones to be buried with them under attention seeking act

attention seeking at graveyards

People who pose for photos at the graves of their loved ones are to be arrested and buried with them under new anti attention seeking laws.

Following the launch of new legislation, anybody caught posting attention seeking photos at the graves of their loved ones on social media will be detained under the new Attention Seeking Fucktard Act 2019.

Once arrested, plans will be made to have them buried at the crime scene, with no trial offered to offenders.

Attention seeking gone too far

A source close to local MP, Graham Brady, said, “Having your photo taken at the graves of lost friends and family is a bit of a shit head thing to do in all honesty.

“To those with slightly better adjusted morals, you just appear to be doing it for one of two reasons. You are desperately seeking attention on social media like a complete wankpuffin, or attempting to prove you’e made a bit of effort and actually visited.

“Either way, you can just get fucked. We are putting an end to it and will make the arrangements to have you buried with them without hesitation.

“As far as we are aware, nobody has ever specified in their will that they want you milking attention at their demise all over Facebook after they’ve croaked it.”

Mike Oxlong

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