Pride CEO Mark Fletcher confirms £70 ticket definitely cheaper than last year’s £30 version

Manchester Pride CEO, Mark Fletcher, has leapt in to assist bumbling mathematicians to confirm everyone is wrong, and his new £70 Pride Weekend ticket is most certainly cheaper than last year’s £30 version.

The smiling assassin launched his new early bird £70 ticket to mass fury this week, after it was suggested that the new more costly version was a complete piss take by disgruntled homosexuals throughout the land.

However, he has returned home from his multi million pound honeymoon to set the record straight and inform people of their miscalculations.

The smug faced spunk trumpet said, “Errr, I think you’ll find that by moving half of it across the other side of the city for a concert featuring… uhmmm…. featuring someone, we have reduced the ticket price in the village by like 28p or something. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is, it’s simple mathematics”.

Dianne Abbott is set to request her calculator back from him this week.


Taylor Tompkinson

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1 thought on “Pride CEO Mark Fletcher confirms £70 ticket definitely cheaper than last year’s £30 version

  1. No Wristband is needed to enter the village and it is an offence for Manchester Pride to block your right of access. No tickets are needed to enter the village so why are they selling them.

    Last years early bird ticket cost about £18 so it more than £50 for the same thing..

    Manchester Pride. The organisation which has misled the LGBT community since 2003. Telling them that a payment was needed to enter our gay village while pride was on. No payment was ever needed. In fact charging pedestrians to enter closed streets within the gay village was unlawful. They were told this way back in 2002.

    Since this became public knowledge roads within the gay village have only been closed to motor vehicles only. It is an offence for Manchester Pride to block your right of access into the gay village, unless the area becomes overcrowded. They may not prioritise wristband buyers over those without and you do not have to state where you are going. to make it clear, members of the public on foot have unrestricted right of access into the village and no one should be harassed by Manchester pride security.

    Some of the dirty tricks they are employing now at the gates is telling you no bars will serve you without a wristband. A lie because some bars served people or they will say gesture to you to show your wrist. This is only dirty tricks to try to mislead people who aren’t sure of their rights as you have a legal right into the village even if no bars would serve you.

    The Local Government Ombudsman ruled in April 2015 that Manchester City Council had “exceeded its powers” by including mention of wristbands in a traffic order. For ten years the public was unlawfully charged and obstructed.

    Minutes of a meeting held at Marketing Manchester in Nov 2002 show that all concerned knew it was unlawful before they started doing it the following August. For some reason the police didn’t uphold the law for a decade.

    If you would like the full fact sheet and to be added to the live Facebook page for this years right of access while pride is on then please send me a private message or search for I Love My Right to Access Premises At Manchester Pride 2019 on Facebook. Please note that you do not have to go into any premises within the gay village as roads within the gay village are only closed to motor vehicles only.

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