Queen calls for Paris tunnel meeting with Extinction Rebellion after they f*ck up her Domino’s delivery

Queen fuming with Extinction Rebellion

The Queen is said to be absolutely bloody livid, after her long standing tradition of ‘Domino’s Saturday’ came to a shattering end when Extinction Rebellion fucked up her delivery.

Queen Elizabeth II, patron of the Domino’s Appreciation Society, has been left fuming with Extinction Rebellion, ordering Rupert Read to a meeting at a specified Paris tunnel where he is expected to explain why he is orchestrating an army of job dodgers to create misery for thousands of Londoners.

Extinction Rebellion news coverage leads to palace carnage

Reports claim Her Maj broke out into a fit of rage whilst watching BBC news coverage of the Eco warrior fuckery going on just around the block from her gaff, showing Charles the hairy side when he tried to prevent her launching an expensive family heirloom at the TV in temper.

A source close to the palace said, “Her Majesty will look to propose bringing back capital punishment for protesting arseholes, and will use the opportunity in her upcoming speech in parliament to voice her opinion on the soap deficient rapscallions.”

Mike Oxlong

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