Some children are just little tw*ts, confirms Timperley ADHD specialist

ADHD in kids

ADHD is a very serious and debilitating condition, but not all children have it according to one specialist, who claims some children are indeed nothing more than little twats from the depths of hell.

Leading ADHD specialist, Dr Yucanna Blagmee, has claimed some children are simply the demonic spawn of Satan, rather than genuine ADHD sufferers.

The Timperley ADHD expert has become disillusioned with parents seeking a medical explanation for their children’s twatty behaviour, instead of looking closer to home.

False Diagnoses making it harder for real ADHD sufferers to get help

In a damning verdict earlier, Dr Blagmee didn’t hold back when describing the current state of affairs regarding false diagnoses.

She said, “False diagnoses are making it harder and harder for real ADHD sufferers to get the help they desperately need. My waiting room is full of arseholes who require nothing more than a kick in their nether region. Just because your child defies you, acts like an all round dick head and destroys everything is sight, it doesn’t automatically mean they have ADHD, so please stop wasting valuable NHS time.

“If you had any idea what the people who truly suffer go through, you wouldn’t be so quick to go casually throwing around the term like it was a badge to wear you disgraceful fuckwits. I prescribe telling your child ‘no’ 5 times a day at regular intervals until all cretinous symptoms subside. Failing that, call a fucking priest and not a doctor”.

Taylor Tompkinson

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