Timperley doctor’s receptionist admits to having no medical qualifications

Doctor's Receptionist

A doctor’s receptionist in Timperley has admitted she received no formal medical training and there is no real reason to discuss your ailments with her.

A doctor’s receptionist from Timperley has admitted possessing no medical knowledge of any worth, confirming the long held suspicions of the general public.

It is easier to get past a pack of rottweilers than your standard nosy bastard these days, and it seems a lot of the hoops we jump through are for amusement purposes only.

Doctor’s receptionist have no business asking you about ailments

Sheila Cyanow gave us the lowdown on the real intentions of doctor’s receptionists in an open and honest interview, claiming, “We only make you tell us for shits and giggles, we just like a bit of a nosy really, especially when we know you’re at work and trying to keep your itchy dick top secret.

“It’s a thankless job, you’ve got to make your own fun where you can I’m afraid.

“I mean, in the grand scheme of things, we’ve got absolutely no business asking you about your personal problems whatsoever, but it’s a long day and you’ve got to pass the time some how.”

Mike Oxlong

Trafford Express is for entertainment purposes only, and the drivel contained within it should not be considered factual whatsoever. If anything published on Trafford Express has caused you offence, please rest assured we are not even the slightest bit bothered. Anybody taking this nonsense seriously should seek urgent medical assistance to have their head removed from their arse.

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