Trafford schools to go completely gender neutral from 2020

Trafford schools first to go gender neutral

Trafford Council have ordered all schools within its borough to bring in sweeping gender neutral changes from 2020.

Trafford Council bosses have announced all Trafford schools will be completely free of gender by the start of the new school year in 2020.

Unisex toilets will replace their traditional male and female counterparts, with children no longer referred to as boys or girls.

All gender related terms will be replaced with gender fluid alternatives and anybody flaunting the new rules can expect to be recommended for psychiatric evaluation.

Teachers unconcerned about gender neutral changes

We asked local teacher, Ashante Telyeragen, what she thought about the changes, she said, “It doesn’t bother me at all to be honest. I’ve referred to most of them as that or it for years anyway. The little knobs just drag you down, you know what I mean?

“Call them what you want as far as I’m concerned, they will still be the same snotty bastards I dread seeing every morning, regardless. Where they shit isn’t my concern either, it’s a five minute break from them and nothing else.”

Mike Oxlong

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